It’s the T.O & Ocho Show…starring…..

For all the Lady Game-Timers..!!

Fellow Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco confirmed the news on his Twitter account with: “My homeboy is a Bengal all our games have been moved to pay-per-view.”…The 36-year-old Owens is playing for his sixth NFL team. He played for the 49ers from 1996-2003, the Eagles from 2004-2005, the Cowboys from 2006-2008 and the Bills in 2009.…”The Bengals have always been the front-runner,” said Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for Owens and Ochocinco. “Even though I talked to some other teams during this process, the Bengals have always been the team that showed the most interest. Terrell has always been excited about them.”


"Salsa Time Baby"

Sorry fellas’ but these pics are for the ladies….don’t fear though…more Serena pics to come!!


Dog Days of Summer -The Ultimate Catch

I gotta be bigger an better than Ray-J


Ocho Cinco, what can I say….he has the charisma,charm and toughness on the football field….and apparently he is the same way in “non-football” life….he is starring in his own dating show on VH1…yea it’s kind of on the Ray-J formula…..but this one is a little different, he started with 85 women


eliminated the ones “who didn’t make the cut”….and then final cut he dropped it down to 17.….and this is all before the ladies move into the house…..err…. excuse me the Mega-Mansion, once they get there they find out one more will be eliminated by the end of the night, Ocho-Cinco has a sweet 16 type bracket set-up for this compettion…and to top it all off the ladies are seeded, head to head, one will be eliminated each week until we reach the Final 4-then 2-then 1.…it is reported that over 3,000 women applied to be contestants on the show….the first episode has a special apperance by T.O….Bernard Berriam of the Minnesota Vikings is the “wingman” for Ocho…..all I gotta say is ….Ray-J never had any brackets on his show!!


 Why didn’t I think of that!!


click on the 85 to see the women Ocho-Cinco has selected for….

“The Ultimate Catch”!!


Ebony and Ivory

Sports can be a funny game….. one season a city can love you….. the next season they can hate you…..I find it really amazing how Buffalo has welcomed T.O. with open arms,they really feel T.O. is going to lead them to the Superbowl….they have already given him the key to the city!!… it is good to have hopes for your team…. it gives you something to look forward to….but on the other-side of the fence David Beckham is feeling the heat and the wrath of a soccer fans in LA….now remember how he had all this mass hysteria and hype surrounding him last season……L.A. welcomed him (and his massive contract) with open arms…..Beckham jersey were flying off the shelves…….the Galaxy is going to win the MLS Cup…..oh god soccer has finally arrived in the United States because Beckham is here!!!……well it didn’t exactly go down like that, now fast forward to this season and you have a large amount of  soccer fans  in L.A.  booing Beckham……it amazes me how fast fans can turn you… long will it take for the restless Buffalo Bills fans to turn on T.O……or better yet how long will it take for T.O. to turn on Buffalo???……

T.O. in the Buff……Buffalo that is, tonight the T.O. reality show debuts on VH1……..I was able to preview the first episode and it was actually quite entertaining, look T.O. is T.O. but there is another side to him,and you will see that with the help of his assistants…..who by the way are his back bone, they might end up with a reality show after this is done……I really liked the first episode, it’s going to surprise alot of people, so if you’re looking for something good to watch this summer check out the 8 episodes of the  T.O. Show……you just may be surprised!


T.O. is the E.P.....Executive Producer
T.O. is the E.P…..Executive Producer


They boo'd me......Bloody Wankers those Americans

They boo'd me......Bloody Wankers those Americans

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