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One comment on “Facebook

  1. Playaaaaaa jb,kb and the 1 and only big p well it game time.the boston c. and the l.a lakers,the black mamba versers the big 3 plus 1 i got boston in 6 and here is why lakers tough at 3,4,and5 but sometimes sofffft boston nutin soft at those pos…for boston rondo draws kobe, paul draws ron the x-factor is ray ray if his shoting is ,on noone in the nba strokes it better than he can.This series will b about who can out coach each other and make adjustment to each other bench play, foul trouble and if DAVID STERN dont talk to the refs a good commish but dirty let them play and let the player on the floor play it out 4 themselves.peace and a bottle of hair grease or curl actavator good luck tiger you will need it so your wife say 44444444444.

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