NFL Power Playas Updated…..Dirty Dozen Updated

How far did Boise St. drop in this week’s Dirty Dozen….click here

The Houston Texans are ballin….they have a good offense and a solid Defense ..see where they land in this week’s Power Rankings


NCAA College Football Stats Leaders


1. R Wilson Wisconsin 201.6

2. C Keenum Houston 193.4

3. R Griffin Baylor 188.6

4. K Moore Boise State 177.2

5. A Luck Stanford 169.0



1. D Wilson Virginia Tech 1360

2. R Hillman San Diego State 1278

3. B Rainey Western Kentucky 1254

4. M Ball Wisconsin 1242

5. Z Line Southern Methodist 1224



1. J White Western Michigan 1402

2. P Edwards Houston 1277

3. M Wilson Washington State 1197

4. R Broyles Oklahoma 1157

5. J Blackmon Oklahoma State 1142


NCAA Weekend Schedule …LSU @ Alabama —-Who ya Got?



GTN 206 Pre-Season Dirty Dozen

NCAA Football PreSeason

#1 Alabama CrimsonTide

#2 Ohio St. Buckeyes

#3 Florida Gators

#4 Texas Longhorns

#5 Virginia Tech Hokies

#6 Boise St. Broncos

#7 TCU HornedFrogs

#8 Oklahoma Sooners

#9 Nebraska Cornhuskers

#10 Iowa Hawkeyes

#11 Miami Hurricanes

#12 Wisconsin Badgers


Hey Game-Timer’s check out the first Dirty Dozen College Football Power Rankings of the 2010-11 season, be sure to check in each week to see who is at the top!!

Dirty Dozen Update

The college Football season is almost over, and we still have 6 teams who are perfect…..Florida & Alabama are on a crash course to meet in the SEC Title Game, Texas is waiting to move up after the Gators & Tide finish their business, TCU, Cincy, & Boise St. are all waiting for huge BCS Bowl paydays, but if more than 3 teams end up with perfect records then the BCS will have another mess on their hands… on the Dirty Dozen Page to see who is #1 this week


Dirty Dozen update

The college football season is winding down and the good teams are starting to separate themselves from the regular teams……Iowa’s luck finally ran out……the Ducks choked (as usual)….and Georgia Tech is making a power move in the ACC……and low and behold is that USC sneaking back into the top 12…… find out the scoop click on the Dirty Dozen page and see who is where this week.



Dirty Dozen Update

Game-Timers here is the latest update for the Dirty Dozen, the top 12 college football teams in America…..after Oregon’s stomping of USC where do the Ducks land……are the Iowa Hawkeyes still in the top 5.…..and where in the world did Georgia Tech come from??……the answers to all these questions can be found by clicking on the Dirty Dozen page






Dirty Dozen

Hey Game-Timers Check out  the latest update for the GTN 206 Dirty Dozen……is Florida at the top or did Alabama take over…..where is USC and Oregon…….have the Ducks removed their webbed feet out of the Washington Huskies…….*ss…..whoa!!….. the answers to all these burning questions can be found by clicking on the GTN 206 Dirty Dozen link