The National Football League has fined wide receiver Chad Ochocinco $25,000 for using Twitter during a recent game….The NFL said Tuesday that Ochocinco’s messages appeared on his Twitter page during gametime at the Cincinnati Bengals versus Philadelphia Eagles preseason game on Friday night. ….the league said the Bengal player violated policies on electronic device possession and posting of social media messages.

The use of cell phones, computers or other electronic equipment by players and coaches is prohibited from 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of the game.

The NFL’s statement said Ochocinco’s messages on the social media site showed up at 6:50 p.m. and 9:53 p.m. Kickoff was 8:07.

Ochocinco apologized – how else? – through Twitter.

”I won’t do it again,” he tweeted.



Dog Days of Summer -The Ultimate Catch

I gotta be bigger an better than Ray-J


Ocho Cinco, what can I say….he has the charisma,charm and toughness on the football field….and apparently he is the same way in “non-football” life….he is starring in his own dating show on VH1…yea it’s kind of on the Ray-J formula…..but this one is a little different, he started with 85 women


eliminated the ones “who didn’t make the cut”….and then final cut he dropped it down to 17.….and this is all before the ladies move into the house…..err…. excuse me the Mega-Mansion, once they get there they find out one more will be eliminated by the end of the night, Ocho-Cinco has a sweet 16 type bracket set-up for this compettion…and to top it all off the ladies are seeded, head to head, one will be eliminated each week until we reach the Final 4-then 2-then 1.…it is reported that over 3,000 women applied to be contestants on the show….the first episode has a special apperance by T.O….Bernard Berriam of the Minnesota Vikings is the “wingman” for Ocho…..all I gotta say is ….Ray-J never had any brackets on his show!!


 Why didn’t I think of that!!


click on the 85 to see the women Ocho-Cinco has selected for….

“The Ultimate Catch”!!