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My Name is JB………….

I pity the fool!! go C-Hawks

I pity the fool!! go C-Hawks

Best Sports Memories:Sonics 1979 NBA Championship……Seahawks NFC Championship victory….Attending Super Bowl XL……….Seahawks playoff victory over Miami in 1984……Mariners 1995 Run……& attending Game 3 of the NBA Finals( Bulls vs. Sonics) saw Micheal Jordan in person.
Favorite food: Seafood & A well made sandwich!
Favorite Teams : All Seattle Teams & Washington Huskies
Favorite tv show: Nothing Current
Favorite Musical Artist: Common
Favorite Sports Movie: Remember the Titans
Favorite Color: Green
Most memorable Gametime moment: KB’s Big Brown reference of Chauncey Billups & so many other Gametimers moment
Sign: Cancer
Hobbies: Fishing,Coaching Football,Working out,time with my kids, cooking & watching the big game!

16 comments on “JB Page

  1. Hey JB can we get a most memorable moment/s posting for gametimers to response to.Next, that Serena Williams outburst was one of the worst I’ve witnessed in sports, she threaten to shove the ball down her throat wow!! I agree with the taking of the point and don’t think it cost her the game she seemed already beat to me. I hope not many callers are trying to bring race into this, her statements and jesters towards the line judge were very aggressive and intimidating. Of course this a single incident that should not be use to define who Serena is, if that was attempted than it would be about skin color to me. The reason why Serena was not very apoligetic in the post interview is due to conditioning of her and her sister to not bow to the comments that have come at them their whole careers in attempts to have them justify their actions and their parents, whenever they show any level of emotion. I proud of the statement Serena issued making no justifications for her actions and sending the message to young fans that her actions are unexceptable in dealing with a disagreement. This message is really important to Black youth who will likely encounter disappointment, disagreement and unfairness many times in life as we all do and need to understand yelling and threatening will only make things worse. Love Makes Us Strong.

  2. what up, jb? i been intending to touch bases with you about an endeavor i’m pursuing. in honor of you guys’ anniversary i was wondering if you guys were interested in an intro song. i do music and have been working on a little something to contribute to the fam. if this sounds like something you’d wanna get down with let me know. no money is involved. i have my own studio and make my own beats. all yall gotta do is push play and the song is yours. hit me at 253-468-1655.

  3. Bro Boogie, you have a lot of love for the game timers posting your number like this, if you’re into honeys weighting 250 and up let me know, cause i’ll pass your number on. I’m letting u know now I take no responsibility for personal injuries in case of a hook up, from expreince all I can say is bend your knees when you lift.

  4. man, rome it ain’t nuttin. i got a fine ass 150 pound bulldog wit a nice right fa that. if worse come to worse i just let her out the cage.

  5. keep up the good work you guy’s …You guys are very good and very professional..I miss listening to the game timers But i know you guy’s still rock the northwest…GO GAME TIME!!!


  7. Did the Fabulous D.R.E create this ESPN DJ Re-mix of “The Decision” by Lebron James one year later. This is rockin, off the chain and funny as hell. Watch this ESPN DJ Re-mix of “The Decision” by Lebron James one year later.

    Dig the free style lyrics…

    • I’m take my talents to south beach…
    • Rome wasn’t built in a day
    • Not 7, not 6, not 5…
    • Not 4, not 3, not 2…
    • No one said it was gonna to be easy
    • We believe it gonna be easy

    The Year Of LeBron


  8. JB, KB, & Big P,

    What’s going on fellas?! My Dad (Laker Rob) introduced me to gametime sports about a year ago and I been a fan ever since. Enjoy the show! You all do a great job! I’m from the west coast but I currently reside in Dallas,TX (Unfortunately..haha)… I try to spread the word to as many as I can to download the tune-in
    radio app and listen to your guys’ show.. Keep up the good work fellas! Keep, keepin’ it real..

  9. Hey J.B Here’s some info about T’Challa the Black verison of Thanksgiving. T.Challa is a celebration honoring one of the elders in a family and the history of our people. The family collects money to present the choosen elder with a gift and three members of the family testify to his or her honor starting with a short personal history, followed by a thanking from someone in the family whom life the elder has impacted and ending with a prayer or affirmation. The traditional menu is : A whole fried Turkey and stuffing, Barbeque spare-ribs or Roast Beef and some Catfish; Mac and Cheese (never out a box), Collar greens, Candy Yams, Mash potatoes and Gravy, Corn on the Cob, some Shrimp Jambalaya and Mother Constance’s famous Peanut Butter and Jelly Cornbeard. Dessert : Coconut layer cake, Chocolate layer cake and Sweet potato pie. To be washed don’t with some sweet Cherry and Grape Kool-Aid. Also during T’Challa the honored Elder has a “Village Gathering” with the children and pass on a lesson concerning black history. I wish everyone a Joyful T’Challa, LOVE MAKES US STRONG!

  10. JB first of all on HBO Hard Knocks a few years ago Chad Johnson came to Coach Philbin and staff and stated he needed help. No one had a ear and a few weeks later Chad Johnson was cut on a few episodes later. That show indicted the whole culture of the organization. The coach, the general manager should have an ongoing conversation with each player. To not know is outrageous, I believe the coaches knew. For the player to walk away from the team stands to say people knew at every level. He needed help but did not know who turn to now the Dolphins look from the bottom to the top.

  11. My back door at Mr. Charile (work). Approached these Packer fans on game day for photo opportunity, and they relayed to me that some of our 12 man/men were very rude to them. I know that those weren’t Gametime Nation family members. Remember quests in our house should always want to come back. Packer fans are some of the best and loyal fans in the league ( NFL). Remember the golden rule, treat visiting teams fans as if they were guest in our own homes, our fans are the loudest in NFL we are the superbowl champs NFL
    commentor always mention our fans base. Remember they love their team too, that’s why they here in Seattle win or lose. Thanks Slick-Mick.
    May the sun always shine on you and your family. And your home be filled with many blessing, love, laughter, and good friends.

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