Gametimers Hall of Fame


Game Time Members Only

 Inagural Class for Gamtime will be announced September 30, 2009, on our 7th anniversary show!









The Fabulous D.R.E











Sean in Richmond


Benny C

Robby D

Tony in Puyallup

Glen in Puyallup

Romey Rome


Laker Rob




21 comments on “Gametimers Hall of Fame

  1. Of Course JB and KB gotta be the innagural entrants and then for bringing me in to the fold big Brother Kareem from Tacoma. Peace

  2. If GameTime Sports Talk was the NBA, the Fabulous D.R.E would be Michael Jordon. Untouchable as the greatest to ever step to the microphone. Like MJ, “DRE is the one and only! The only one!”. DRE is a brother from another universe and no one can touch him. The only brother in the world that can freestyle a sports commentary.

    Baraka would be Magic Johnson & Tony Rome would be Larry Bird. I can’t put them on the same level as MJ. However, Magic & Bird are great players that deserve their own level of greatness above all other NBA players. So, sticking with the NBA analogy. I can’t put Baraka & Tony Rome on same level as the Fabulous D.R.E. However, they deserve their own level of GameTime greatness.

    Everyone else are the regular NBA players (gametime callers). We have our good days. But there is some special about these 3 brothers that make them stand out above the crowd. They are the GameTime superstars!

    Shout out to Commando Dave! The original G (gametimer), Dwayne (the funniest brother to ever pick up a microphone) and to Big P (The biggest and best Producer of them all). I got mad love for you all. Congratulations as you approach your 7th Anniversary show.

    I’m out.
    H-Town Baby!

  3. who’s the rookie of the year. any suggestions. sorry for the disconnect mr charile want to know if i would drive miss daisy to the piggly wiggley. big P knows what i’m talking about. what about Jack Johnson he beat up white boy and you know he had a white girl friend.

  4. First let me thank Commando and H-Town Baby, I think of Jaugar, Deep Throat, Lisa, The Fabulos DRE, Commando, Dwanye and H-Town as my first ballot entries. Only the thought of limiting the first class left Vernon, JD, I left Big Coach off for other reasons and proably left someone off who I really think deserve to be in the first class. Eventhough Barack is hall of fame no doubt he came a bout 4 years into the show, only for that reason he’s not on my hall of fame list.

  5. I think your first thoughts are your best thougnts when answering a question like this one. Hall of fame hosts and producer: JB, KB, Big P. Hall of Fame Gametimers: Tony Rome, H-Town, D.R.E., & Baraka (?spelling). These guys always bring a delicious entree and some tasty sidedishes to the table.

  6. jb and kb and big p wuz up. i like to thank you 4 the last seven years its been a guys have given me and the rest of the gametime family a source to express ourselvesno other show would,to let me be me and others be themselves.over the years we lost some and we gain some,but most of all we stayed together tony-rome,the killer b ,first lady lisa,commando dave,dre206,jag jd,the first edward and a host of others and to the ones i forgot im truely hall of fame first ballot would have to be tony-rome,dre206,and lisa they have my votes and of course commando dave i love these guys and lady of course the stable when it first all started and me myself hey it is what it is i congratate you and the rest of the gametime nation for being the best at what you and chrris b have done and put together ths best damn sport show ever peace.

  7. Congrads on 7 years, I was just a listener for a long time. Just enjoying listening to the gametimers do their thing and laughing at the how (rabbit) I mean passionate a fan the LONGSHOREMAN is about his teams. as I’m about anything CAROLINA!!! You guys knowledge of the sporting game is true and amazing, not only the big 3 but all sports and even hockey and curling. thank you for giving me a personal invite to join the gametime family, so I can just be myself. For some odd reason i find a lot of humor in sports and again thanks for allowing me to share my form of sporting humor with your audience. and i hope they find it fun.

  8. The fabulous D.R.E was left off the Hall of Fame list above. Big Coach you are the Hall of Fame and you are Father of the All you have done a great job as head of your household and have producted off springs that are contributing the betterment of the black community, Right on Brother Right on!!!!

  9. Here are my recommendations for the second Hall of Fame class in no particular order: Lady Dee, J.D Jaguar, Vernon, Barack, Tyrell, B-Real and Romie Rome

  10. Hey this is Tony Rome I can’t believe that B-Real our boxing expert and Vernon are not already in the hall of fame and I also think Shaun from richmond and Tony from the Pull should be inducted

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