No One to Wear #24

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The Seattle Seahawks appreciate everything Marshawn Lynch helped them accomplish over the past six seasons, and they plan to express their gratitude by not letting anyone wear his jersey number in 2016.

Over the weekend, Doug Baldwin sent a tweet after the draft asking Pete Carroll to not allow any new players to wear No. 24. Seahawks GM John Schneider was asked about Baldwin’s request on Monday, and he said the wide receiver does not need to worry.

“One of my last conversations with Marshawn was that nobody was going to wear No. 24 this year in the regular season,” Schneider told 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock and Salk show. “I appreciate [Baldwin’s] input. I’m glad he wants to help distribute jersey numbers.”

There have been rumblings that some Seahawks players expect Lynch to keep playing, but Schneider says the team plans to get his retirement papers at some point in the near future. Plus, they made a pretty nice gesture toward the running back by letting him keep this.

Lynch seems to have parted ways with the Seahawks on good terms.


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