Seahawk Traffic Incident

thCAY8D4LU (2)


As if this week wasn’t already difficult enough for the Seattle Seahawks, now the team is dealing with yet another traffic incident near the practice facility.

Seahawks running back Fred Jackson crashed his black Corvette into a stop sign in an intersection a quarter of a mile from the practice facility.

Jackson did not appear to be injured, and the running back returned to the practice facility while his car was towed away.

Renton Police Department Commander David Leibman said there was no evidence of drag racing on the scene.

Though Jackson escaped injury – and did not crash into any other cars or bicyclists in a heavily-trafficked intersection – this is another headache for a Seahawks team in turmoil.

Fullback Derrick Coleman was arrested last Wednesday and spent two nights in jail on felony charges of vehicular assault and hit-and-run stemming from a crash in nearby Bellevue, Wash. That crash also occurred shortly after Coleman left the practice facility.

The team immediately suspended Coleman for the week, but he was reactivated on Tuesday, a day before the team is scheduled to travel to Santa Clara, Calif. for Thursday’s game against the division rival San Francisco 49ers.


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