Seahawks Nip Chargers

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The Seattle Seahawks edged the San Diego Chargers 16-15 on Saturday for their first preseason win. Here are some quick notes to come out of Saturday’s game.

Offense not there yet: The concern coming out of Saturday’s game was the play of the offense. The Seahawks have only one offensive touchdown in the preseason, which came in the first preseason game, and no touchdowns when the first team offense is on the field.

“Just in general, the whole offense doesn’t feel as smooth as it needs to,” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said after the game. “We’re not functioning as well as we want to on third downs.”

Carroll said there’s some frustration over the team’s slow starts offensively but that it’s nothing to worry about just yet.

“We’re all a little bit frustrated with it,” Carroll said. “I’m a little bit frustrated by it, but I’m not worried about it over the long haul. I just want to get our offensive linemen enough turns and enough reps together so that they can grow and make the calls and be really sharp at the things we need them to do. We need more time. We’re not ready yet. I’m not worried about it over the long haul.”

The offensive line remains a work in progress as well, and everything in general could improve over time once running back Marshawn Lynch is out on the field full-time.

“This is their second week together… They’re just going to get a lot better,” Carroll said of the line. “They’re just going to improve and with just being sharper with their calls and more precise about the decisions that they’re making and we’ll take advantage in time. It needs to hurry; we’ve only got a couple weeks before we play.”

Lockett delivers: Tyler Lockett was electric again on the evening, returning a punt 67 yards for a touchdown and returning two kicks for 57 yards. Lockett is delivering what the Seahawks hoped he would when they traded up in the 2015 draft to select him.

“We really shouldn’t be that surprised,” Carroll said. “He’s done this forever. It’s awesome that John (Schneider) found him, picked him, got him on our team, and the factor we were hoping to get really looks like it’s available. We won’t always be able to hit returns like that for touchdowns and stuff, but it’s a great threat, and it’ll help us in many situations to come.”

Aggressive defense: Carroll said after the game that the Seahawks defense under new coordinator Kris Richard could continue to be more aggressive this season.

“I think Kris made some nice calls,” Carroll said. “This looks to be a team maybe more than we’ve been to be able to pressure.

“I think you’re seeing Kris is a little more aggressive than we’ve been, which I love, and he’s playing to the strengths of the players by doing that.”

Russell Okung and other injury notes: Left tackle Russell Okung was a surprise scratch for the game, although his condition doesn’t sound serious. Carroll said Okung had a sore shoulder coming out of practice and that keeping him out was precautionary.

“I think he could have played, but we just want to make sure that we don’t push him too far,” Carroll said. “We need him to get back.”

Carroll also said linebacker Mike Morgan tweaked a hamstring during the game, while safety Dion Bailey had back spasms and linebacker K.J. Wright hurt his shoulder.

“(Wright) wanted to go back in and would have, but seems to be fine,” Carroll said.

Beast Mode on hold: Running back Marshawn Lynch made his preseason debut — and his preseason finale — on Saturday night. Lynch played the first series of the game and had two carries for six yards and one catch for three yards. With that, you won’t see Lynch again until the regular season.

“He’s ready to go now,” Carroll said. “That was it. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him next week. Even though he’s likely to be captain next week, he ain’t playing. He’s made it through preseason and he’s ready to play football, which is really the goal.”



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