RGIII Still #1 QB for Washington

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 If there were any questions about Robert Griffin III’s status as the Redskins’ starting quarterback in 2015, there should be none after Jay Gruden spoke at the Combine.

Washington’s head coach gave a definitive answer about Griffin on Wednesday morning.

“We obviously will go into the season with Robert as the No. 1 guy,” Gruden said. “It’s up to Robert to improve … it’s up to us to make sure he plays better.”

Gruden added that RGIII continuing to start was the anticipation after he ended the 2014 season back in the lineup. Griffin and Gruden appeared headed to a split after not being a great fit in their first season together. But they stayed together, and now there’s really no choice but to stick with Griffin.

Gruden wasn’t that hot on Kirk Cousins down the stretch, and the veteran that gave them a little spark, Colt McCoy, is an impending free agent. The Redskins hold the No. 5 overall pick in late April’s draft but are expected to address defense with that selection, and not entertain a top quarterback.

Griffin is entering the final year of his four-year rookie deal. Given he would be due to hit the market himself in 2016, if last year wasn’t make-or-break for him in Washington, this year certainly will be.


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