Legion of Boom Looking for it’s Place in History


Seahawks Defense Looks to Prove its Worth as the Best in NFL History

The Chicago Bears of the mid-1980s and the Baltimore Ravens of the early-2000s are usually mentioned the most when we talk about the best defenses of all-time. Sprinkled in there is the Pittsburgh Steelers Steel Curtain of the 1970s as well. Outside of that Pittsburgh squad, none of these teams won more than one Super Bowl, which is a feat Seattle is attempting to accomplish on Sunday.

Statistically speaking, the numbers are absurd. Seattle’s defense finished No. 1 in the NFL in total yards and points against in each of the past two seasons. They yielded just 14.4 points per game in 2013 before seeing that number increase to a minuscule 15.9 points this past regular season. Speaking of 2014, Dan Quinn’s unit surrendered a total of 39 points and forced 10 turnovers in the team’s final six regular-season games.

For comparison’s sake, the 1985 Chicago Bears, who had one of the best defenses of all time, gave up 12.4 points per game in an era when scoring wasn’t anywhere near at the level we see today, especially with the new offense-friendly rules around the league. And while that squad gave up just 10 points in three postseason games in 1985, the Bears finished the next season with a premature playoff exit in the divisional round.

It’s all about sustained success. If Seattle does find a way to win a second consecutive Super Bowl, its defense will be the primary reason why. It’s not going to be the Russell Wilson show or Marshawn Lynch putting up 200-plus yards against a good Patriots defense. Rather, it’s going to be the Legion of Boom making a lasting impression on the history of the National Football League. If that happens, Seattle’s defense will go down as one of the best, if not the best, in the history of the game.


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