Seahawks One Half Down ….Rest of the Season to Go…..

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Well, that was a half-season like none other for the Seahawks, eh?

For openers, a rousing rout of Green Bay. It signaled the Super Bowl champions had maintained their momentum from February’s title-winning rout of Denver.

Then reality hit the Seahawks – like the butt end of the Lombardi Trophy to their collective heads.

A literal meltdown on a 120-degree field in San Diego. An early blow past Denver, then holding on as Peyton Manning exquisitely rallied and Russell Wilson single-handedly (and two-leggedly) won the game in overtime. Wilson did the same thing in the next game at Washington.

Percy Harvin traded as the team is leaving to play at St. Louis – the players going one way in the parking lot to the bus while their $11 million wide receiver and centerpiece of the offense walked the other way to his car, off to New York. The fallout of Harvin punching then-teammate Golden Tate at the Super Bowl. Of Harvin punching fellow receiver Doug Baldwin in August. Of the players saying they were all right with Harvin.

“Obviously, we wish he was here. He was such a great teammate,” left tackle Russell Okung said in St. Louis of Harvin, two days after his trade to the Jets that rocked the NFL.

Plus, the real reason Harvin is gone, him refusing to enter the fourth quarters of the loss to Dallas and win over Denver. That insubordination with the coaches is what ultimately forced the Seahawks to give up on him eight games, $18.4 million and three traded-away draft picks after getting him last year from Minnesota.

Let’s see, what else has happened these last two months?

A 3-3 start amid unsubstantiated national reports of a pro-versus-anti-Wilson divide in the locker room.

Another report saying that Wilson wasn’t, of all things, “black enough” for some teammates.

More reports that the Seahawks are fed up Marshawn Lynch’s act – even though they are feeding him the ball and relying upon him more to win games with the play calls no longer centered around Harvin.

And, oh, yeah, injuries that had eight Seahawks who started the opener sitting out last weekend’s win over the Raiders. Seattle had so many hurting it couldn’t field 46 healthy players on that game day’s active list.


After all that, 5-3 at the season’s halfway mark entering Sunday’s home game against the New York Giants (3-5) doesn’t sound so bad.

“We have a lot of talent, and we just have to put it together,” Wilson said after Sunday’s 30-24 victory over winless Oakland that was just the sixth game in the quarterback’s 45-game career his completion rate was below 50 percent.

“We’re still finding ways to win games. And we’re not playing our best.”

And they still can determine their own fate in the NFC West. The Seahawks are two games behind first-place Arizona, with two games still to play against the Cardinals.

Coach Pete Carroll’s word for the first eight games was fitting: “Survive.”

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