Free Agent News

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— The Cavaliers are talking to several teams about potential trades, as they try to tinker with and add size to the roster, sources told FOX Sports Ohio on Monday. It is believed the Cavs are exploring deals they feel would benefit them with or without LeBron James.

— Naturally, only a few deals could actually be pulled off before learning of James’ next move. One of those deals, as reported by FOX Sports Ohio, would involve sending Jarrett Jack to the Nets. LeBron or no, the Cavs expect to trade Jack.

— One Cavs source stated simply: “We are going to make some moves, soon.” Beyond that, the source would only say the Cavs are “busy.”

— The Cavs sense they will know of James’ decision on where he will sign by Wednesday, sources said. Right now, the Cavs do not have a solid feel for what James will do.

— All-Star guard Kyrie Irving has reached out in effort to recruit James to the Cavs, sources said. ESPN reported Irving as telling LeBron the Cavs will get him all the help he needs in Cleveland.

— As for their own moves, the Cavs are standing firm in trying to upgrade the roster and not dealing assets “just to deal,” said one source. The Cavs have specific targets, sources said, but aren’t “just jumping into anything,” said a source with knowledge of the talks.

— Meanwhile, the Heat announced agreements with free-agent forwards Josh McRoberts (Hornets) and Danny Granger (Clippers) on Monday. While McRoberts is no All-Star, sources say his signing might actually appeal to LeBron. McRoberts plays power forward and it’s widely known James does not like to defend that position.

— The Heat may announce another signing of a free agent outside their own by the end of the day, sources said. “Get ready,” said one source, indicating another move is on the way.

— That said, it is believed bigger name free agents such as Paul Gasol (Lakers), Trevor Ariza (Wizards) and Luol Deng (Cavs) are not interested in the reduced salaries the Heat are offering, just to possibly play alongside James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

— James and Bosh reportedly connected over the weekend, and sources said Bosh is now contemplating a contract offer of four years and $88 million made by the Rockets on Monday.

— One interesting note from an NBA source: If James returned to Cleveland, he would wear No. 32. He wore No. 23 with the Cavs before and No. 6 with the Heat. The source also indicated James is close to announcing his decision.

— One Western Conference general manager told FOX Sports Ohio a lot of people around the league are actually hoping the Heat’s Big 3 returns intact. “One thing (Miami has) proven the past four years is they can’t add any real talent around those guys,” the GM said. “Their run will be over in two years, and it may already be. I’d be considerably more scared of LeBron in Cleveland or Phoenix.”

— The GM laughed and added, “And what how will Pat Riley answer when he meets with LeBron and LeBron asks who the starting at point guard is?”

— Las Vegas sports books have improved the Cavs’ odds of winning the NBA championship from 60-1 to 12-1.


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