Sherman Upset with Local Media



Richard Sherman normally isn’t a fan of being quiet.

But he’s giving the cold shoulder to the local Seattle media after one outlet published the address of his new house.

CBS Seattle has the details:

The Seattle Times is getting some flack for publishing the address of Richard Sherman’€™s new home in Maple Valley last week.

The newspaper reported on the Seahawks cornerback purchasing the home of NBA star Jamal Crawford and detailed all the home’€™s features including the square footage, the number of bedrooms and the $2.31 million price tag.

Most of the outrage at the Seattle Times is coming from Sherman himself who says he is being bombarded with fans hanging out around his house wanting autographs –€” or wanting to just “hang out.” The attention has gotten so out of control that Sherman is now refusing to speak to the local press.

The one problem with this? CBS Seattle says property owners’ addresses in King County, where Sherman now calls home, are available to the public. So anyone could have found the info and made it known.  


One comment on “Sherman Upset with Local Media

  1. The fact that people have access to the information doesn’t really excuse the media advertising it to be honest. I like reading stories about Sherman as much as the next guy, but I do think that’s going a little far.

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